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Radikal Guru - Talowa Productions

Radikal Guru

Poland | Dub, Dubstep

Dub to dubstep made in Poland.


Radikal Guru, a talented Polish producer and flagship of the Moonshine label, has been steadily growing for more than 10 years. A reference in the genre, he was the pioneer of a fascinating and unique fusion of dub, reggae and dubstep sounds pushing the boundaries of "bass music".

With his fourth LP "Beyond The Borders" released in 2020, the Polish genius of dub and dubstep once again secures his place among the leaders and precursors of the genre on the international scene.

In live dub, DJ Set or accompanied by a brass section, Radikal Guru will be in all sessions in 2022!

Radikal Guru started to develop his skills in Poland by composing trip-hop and jungle in 2004. In 2005 he moved to Cork (Ireland) where he continued to improve his production techniques, began to gain attention by playing in clubs, and released "East-West Connection" his first hit.

He became known for his reggae-dubstep remixes and tones influenced by King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry, or The Scientist and gained popularity after the release of a series of vinyl singles on "Dubbed Out records" (UK) in 2008.

Since then, his albums "Dread Commandments" (2010), the first in a long series with Moonshine Recordings, "The Rootstepa" (2011), "Subconscious" (2013), "Dub Mentalist" (2016) have become classics.

Radikal Guru does not hesitate to compose with a wide range of styles including dub, dubstep or even the jungle and invites many artists on his productions such as Solo Banton, Jay Spaker, Echo Ranks or even Parly B!

Since 2009, he touring the world (United States, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Europe ...) as a guest on the biggest festivals, events and Bass Culture stages.

Not only a talented producer, Radikal Guru is also an excellent breeder. He transmits his passion for music through "DJ sets" that pay tribute both to the rich history of music and sound system culture, as well as to the new scene and its innovations and explorations.

Since the release of the album "Subconscious", Radikal Guru also offers "Live Dub" sessions accompanied by an MC and an optional 3-brass section. A formula that reveals his uniqueness and the full breadth of his talent live.

Radikal Guru's latest album “Beyond the Borders” (October 2020 - Moonshine Records) is in his image: mature, visionary and eclectic. A true manifesto, the fruit of his years of experience where powerful bass, conscious messages and positive vibrations are combined.

Ten meticulous productions designed to makeyou move as well as to reflect, a journey forbody, mind and soul-features a multinationallist of guest artists (Junior Dread, Marina P, Troy Berkley, Tenor Youth, Lady Skavya) from India, Germany, Italy,Russia, Brazil and France.

An album that leads as much to introspection and meditation as it does to dance. "Beyond The Borders" is a musical journey for body, soul and spirit, to be listened to and experienced live now on European stages.

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