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Yelé - Talowa Productions


France | Ethno-Groove, World

The trio that transcends world music.

Yelé means “light” in bambara (a dialect from West Africa), is a unique distinct and authentic trio delivering a tenacious groove. N’Goni, didjeridoo and guitar are uncompromising, seamlessly weaving between different genres and propose a “mixed-cultural” music served by a mystical voice. The singing is authentic, powerful, poetic and contains multiple traditional heritages sublimating the world music's richness.

The trio is composed by Losso Keïta (Vocals, N'goni, Percussions), Eliah Jasper (Didjeridoo, Flute) and Sékouba Koïta (Guitar, choir). If the messages and values conveyed by the group are in line with griotic traditions, their compositions are intended to be universal and blithely trample on the boundaries of music genres.

Yelé manages, whatever the configuration, to create a mystical and transcendent atmosphere. On stage the trio stands out and surprises with the originality of its instrument and the dynamic of its performances. The fusion of music styles and the band’s energy bring both an attentive listening full of emotions and an irresistible desire to dance.

After more than 3 years on the European roads with noteworthy live shows in internationally acclaimed festivals, Yelé is back with a new live in connection with its first album "Douba" that will be released in 2022 and whose single "Kanou" is the first single !

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Losso Keïta (Vocal, N’goni, Percussions) is from Burkina Faso where he immersed in the Griot tradition and its instruments since his childhood. Then he lived in Guyane and moved to France. Fullfiled of his several musical experiences on these different continents, he is revisiting modern rhythms with traditional instruments from his roots, such as N’goni. He creates his melodies with a lot of emotions and a powerful voice, which won’t let anyone indifferent.

Eliah Jasper (Didjeridoo, Flute), is an artist born in Netherland settled in France since many years, and is considered as one of the most talented didjeridoo player in the world. After playing a wide range of music, he went to Australia and has been adopted by the aboriginal community where he was initiated to the spirituality of this traditional instrument. Sound alchemist, he is one with his didgeridoo, and brings to Yélé an unique trance touch.

Sékouba Koïta (Guitar, choir), is also from Burkina Faso and has long been forged alongside the great artists of Bwaba music from his village Djibasso. He thus becomes the worthy heir to a heavy musical heritage and that he naturally opens up to modernity during his many meettings and visits to renowned artistic formations. His art is improving and he discovers an original style with the fusion of his guitar and several traditional instruments that he handles with dexterity in addition to the percussive singing of his modern-day griot voice.

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Yelé - Diminiba

2018 /
  1. Banban
  2. Aya Qué
  3. Douba
  4. Diminiba
  5. Seydou
  6. Walé
Tour period : All 2022
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