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Watch out the new Big Red's Single "La Vengeance" on !

Queen Omega's new single "Free" ft. LMK is available !

Kanka's new album "My Bubble" is now available !
Stream / Download here !

Hempress Sativa just released offial video for her single "Scheme" !

L’Entourloop drops a new official remix taken from their excellent DJ-mix "Start From Scratch".
This time, the unstoppable diggers looked towards China in the Yunnan Province with Reggae band Puman and their amazing track "Bulang Beauty", adapted from a traditional song of the Bulang tribe. In this tribe, women chew betel nuts with medicinal properties which leave their teeth blackened which become an attribute of beauty; hence the title "Bulang Beauty".

Fallen in love with this song and the history that comes with it, the French beatmakers really wanted to offer a remixed version of it with a banging L’Entourloop twist !