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Blaiz Fayah - Talowa Productions

Blaiz Fayah

France | Dancehall

The Dancehall Revelation!


Blaiz Fayah is undoubtedly one of the most exciting Dancehall artists of his generation!

Thanks to his unique style and exponential growth on social media, he is achieving tremendous success all around the globe. From Colombia to Kenya, passing through the Netherlands, Costa Rica, or his native country France, Blaiz Fayah continues to surprise and generate excitement with each of his releases, establishing himself as a major figure on the international Dancehall scene. More than just a phenomenon, the artist captivates the world with hits driven by a danceable energy only he knows the secret to. He channels this unique energy onto the best stages in Europe accompanied by his musicians and dancers.

Unstoppable, he then releases a string of hits, including singles "Bad" featuring Tribal Kush & Kybba, a leading artist of the Basshall label with whom he collaborates regularly (Pilot, Pon Di Ting, Bad...), "Best Gyal" featuring DJ Madness, and the Mad Ting series which includes "Tikitak" with DJ Glad and "No Matta" with DJ Fasta. This series showcases the breadth of his musical influences, incorporating Dancehall, Kompa, Moombahton, Reggae, Shatta, and Zouk elements.

Still as productive as ever and continuing his prolific streak, the leading figure in the European Dancehall/Shatta scene persists, churning out hit after hit and scheduling performances at major festivals. He further confirms his status as a hit maker through his regular presence in club mixes by the hottest DJs of the moment.

Mad Ting !

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