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Kanka - Talowa Productions


France | Dub, Live Dub

French dub-steppa 's father.

New Album "Abracadabra (Chapter 2)"

"Abracadabra (Chapter 2)" [Full Album]
Music by Kanka
Mix, mastering, artwork by Kanka
ODGP304 - ODGPROD 2020

New Single "Create your world" ft. Don Pato

Vocal version of "Create your world ft Art-X"
(Track 06 from the album Abracadabra Chapter 2)

New album "My Bubble"

Kanka's new album "My Bubble" is now available !
Stream / Download here !

Since the release of his 1st album, and the cult "Don't stop dub", Kanka has literally opened the voice of the European stages to French dub-steppa. Its percussive and ultra-efficient style, with its deep and hypnotic bass, has made many followers around the world for over 15 years.

After "Interaction" (2019) and "Abracadrabra - Chapter 2" (2020) released by Odg Prod, Kanka released his new opus "My Bubble". The producer, with his constantly renewed, recognized and awaited "live dub" sessions, will surely attract new followers on his way during his next tour !

More Info

Kanka breathed new life into the dub planet from his starts with "Every Night's Dub" in 2003, supported by the release of "Don't Stop Dub" (Hammerbass) in 2005 where he decompartmentalised the genre. Because if his music draws its influences from the original Jamaican and English reggae-dub, the meticulous production and the sustained rhythm allow him to conquer an eclectic audience and lead them into a powerful trance.

Each of his productions was then acclaimed by the specialized press and his songs were played by the most recognized sound systems.

Kanka then asserts himself as the spearhead of the European dub-steppa scene by linking albums that have become cult such as "Alert" (2006), "Submersion" (2009), "Dub Communication" (2011) and "Watch your stage . " (2014). Since 2015 and the album "Abracadabra - Chapter 1", then "Cool It" (2016), "Interaction" (2018), "Abracadabra - Chapter 2" (2020), Kanka has released his productions on the ODG Prod label and make them available to everyone for free download on the label's website.

Kanka also knows how to surround himself with Mc's and renowned musicians, such as Mark Iration, Twan Tee, Sir Wilson, Art X or even Ras Divarius and his new album "My Bubble" (October 2021 - Odg Prod) is in the same dynamic. We find everything that makes its strength: pachydermal basses, sharp electro sounds and always strong rhythms.

Kanka is today considered the father of the French dub steppa and has served its democratization with many publics. In the 2000s, he was one of the first actors to bridge the gap between the sound system and contemporary musical stages by offering “live dub” shows with his console. It thus opens the way for a new generation which will move from sound sessions to concert halls.

With more than 500 concerts to his credit, his live performances and his unique style have been unanimous for more than a decade. Kanka is equally at home on electro as well as reggae-roots scenes, and has hit stages in concert halls, festivals and sound system sessions (Dub Camp, International Dub Gathering, Telerama Dub, Reggae Sun Ska, Dub Clubs ... ) with remarkable musical sets.

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Kanka - My Bubble

2021 /
  1. Reset
  2. Sweet music
  3. Everywhere ft Nina Girassois
  4. Yes my friends
  5. Spicy ft Konyx
  6. The lion is real ft Joseph Lalibela
  7. Blue dub
  8. Mountains ft Woodub
  9. Clic Clac
  10. Love them ft Yehoud I
  11. Body feeling
  12. After all

Kanka - Interaction


Kanka - Cool It


Kanka - Abracadabra (Chapter 1)


Kanka - Watch Your Step


Kanka ‎– Dub Communication


Kanka – Sub.mersion


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Kanka – Don't Stop Dub


Kanka - Every Night's Dub...

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