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L'Entourloop - Talowa Productions


L'Entourloop - Promo Photo - © ROYX - 1
France | Hip-Hop, Reggae

Banging hip-hop ina yardie style !


It's now official, 2022 will mark the comeback of the inexhaustible seniors from L'ENTOURLOOP !

After a break to devote themselves to creating a new album and a new live show that promises to be stunning, they hit the road again, more determined than ever!

Their latest albums succes « Chickens in Your Town » (2015) and « Le Savoir-Faire » (2017), with their unique musical styel « Banging hip-hop ina Yardie Style », continue to seduce sound-system lovers, of vinyls and lovers of French cinema's classics, across the world.

The least that can be said is that Sir Johnny and King James are also very talented in surrounding themselves good. Whether with Skarra Mucci and their legendary "Dreader Than Dread", Capleton for the extravagant "Burn Dem Down", "Le Bonheur" on which they invited the discreet Panda Dub, or even the hit "Push The Limits" with Biga Ranx, L'Entourloop has a knack for producing explosive and surprising featurings that make an impression.

Their unique visual creations make L'Entourloop a stage group by nature, which has been delivering memorable shows for years. The insatiable diggers and their acolytes think of everything and manage, during their concerts, to immerse us in the heart of their universe.

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Tour period : Summer + Fall 2024
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